About All This…

About Me…uh Him:  14709_842496389153439_4449791469832993263_n
A gaming enthusiast with multifarious interests and hobbies, He engages in an eternal struggle with the calendar to pursue them all, and to somehow attain a reasonable level of proficiency at any one of them. He received his education from Central Michigan University where he studied English and history.

An avid D&D player and DM since childhood, Christopher is a charter member of the Roll1d4Gamers podcast, where he records “actual play” sessions with his fellows.

About Random Treasure:
Random Treasure is a space reserved for Chris’ thoughts about those interests: about drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, gaming, and all the peripheral hobbies that go with that. It’s a place where he can display and talk about projects and other generally nerdy topics unreservedly.



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