“Zombies no, banshees neither, but shades, spectres, and doppelgangers are OK.”
A response by “im pooping” in the Something Awful.com forums to the question “Would you have sex with a zombie or a ghost?”


OK, I may not be the greatest sculptor around, but it feels like my skills are starting to improve, even if ever so slightly. Zombies are one of those miniatures you can never have enough of. There’s always this still silent whisper in the back of my mind saying “you should learn how to cast a mold and mass produce this stuff.” But then I wouldn’t have all these one of a kind game pieces would I? It would sort of put it in the category of “Limited Edition”, but I digress.

It has been a few months since I mixed up a batch of green stuff, so I wanted to ease back in to it with a couple of simple projects. You never just sculpt one thing unless you have incredible patience since it takes so long to cure after each new application, so I made a couple of intellect devourers on the side, which I’ll be posting here shortly.


This poor guy is actually the first anthropomorphic (human like) mini I sculpted entirely from Green Stuff aka. Kneaditite. I love this medium, even if many don’t use it for the whole sculpt anymore. It just has the right amount of stickiness and spreads so easily. I’m able to come up with better looking proportions without as much effort, and it takes an infinite amount of detail.



If there’s one lesson that got reinforced in this sculpt, it’s the need to make a “manikin” head or a blank head that’s a tad smaller than the finished look and letting that cure, so you can apply putty and sculpt on it without deforming the basic head shape. I think I sculpted the head and face twice before I remembered that technique.


Now to fix a few details, get some paint on him, and base him. He’ll be all set to shamble after some players for those nice juicy brains!



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