Mini Menagerie

“There’s no way there can be that many ogres. I know for a fact he’s only got two minis for ’em.”

Well it’s been a bit, but here’s a glimpse at some stuff I’ve sculpted. A couple of these I’ve featured in several posts and pictures previously, but I thought I’d put them together in one gallery.


You’ve all seen this one. I modeled it off from an old Forgotten Realms Book of Lairs cover by  Larry Elmore.




This was the first miniature I sculpted. I hope I’ve learned a few things since. There’s not much call for tavern specific minis, unless you have a lot of fights break out in the tap room. I try to keep them down to a memorable few. Of course they help with the need for urban  bystander minis in a pinch.



Speaking of urban bystanders, here’s an angry peasant. I got the harshest criticism on the peasants I made, so I rarely bring them to the table. I wasn’t really going for the master piece here, just a rough and ready hoodlum mini instead of a stand-in.


Here’s everyone’s favorite blood sucking bat-mosquitos…stirges!  These minis can be difficult to get your hands on, and secondary markets can be pricey. Thankfully, these guys aren’t too difficult to whip up. Thing is you wind up needing dozens of these buggers.


Here’s a poor pig farmer being harassed by a couple stirges. The farmer is a WotC mini.


Here’s my half orc barbarian, just because. This one is sporting a severed elf head handbag.



The axe was an exercise in problem solving. Procreate isn’t the best material for the cure and sand method for making non organic shapes, but that’s all I had at that point. So I carved an axe blade from a small scrap of wood. Wood that small wants to split by the way. Needless to say, it took several tries.


This is the swashbuckler I’ve featured in a couple of places. The thing on his back is the little lute I carved out of wood blue tacked to his back since I needed a bard NPC for one of my games recently.


Below is my paladin of Torm. This was my intro to armored mini sculpting. Proportions kinda got away from me here.


This is, once again, a previously viewed mini. You wouldn’t believe how often you need just a simple friar in a scene. He’s been described as “derpey.” I won’t disagree.


And now for a couple of monsters. This ogre made it’s appearance on my Facebook page a while back, but it’s here for continuity. This was a Super Sculpey build on a two inch washer.


Here’s the Ogre Savage I modeled him from in a side by side shot. My ogre is a bit on the big side, but then few of us are exactly the same in nature.


Finally, here’s a fire archon I made. They’re sorta like elementals, and it can work for one in a pinch. Here’s a couple angles.




So now we’re mostly caught up with the slow pace of productivity. I’ve been, aside from running games, been spending my talents on terrain building, but that’s material for another post.



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