Dice Devourin’

“I check the bag for traps.”


13532911_1073230116080064_4583139045233231289_n  So I made this little monster a bit ago to house the glittering polyhedral gems of my collection in its gullet. I figured I’d make one ever since I came across a picture of this awesome project on Pinterest.



I surmised that this kind of thing was really less complicated than it looked. The tricky bit would be the teeth. From the picture, I’d say they sewed the lip of the bag around a foam circle with the inside “teeth” exposed. This way the “head” of the bag stays rigidly open.



I decided to sew the teeth in separately, but in practice this didn’t work out well. I was too far into the process, and they didn’t sit right, sticking out all angles. I wasn’t about to give up on the chompers though, it’s what makes the project. So, I fell back on the ol’ standby, hot glue! Yes, I glued them teeth in there. Worked out quite well actually. They’re well attached and positioned properly as well.




I got some mixed feedback on this project. Folks either think it’s great, or they hate it. Here’s an instance where silences and wry looks speak volumes. But no matter, I like it anyway. Yet I have to say that in practical terms, carrying all my dice to the game location isn’t the best option. It’s easier to loose dice by dumping out a great horde when selecting the color scheme for the session. That, and it’s prodigious bulk is a down side for the DM on the go.

A colleague and I were talking and a “dwarf chest” option came up. This is something that stirs the imagination. Some plywood, some small brass hinges, some card stock, some glue and paint… yeah, that could be praiseworthy. Boxes are less portable than bags, but the table appeal could be significant if executed properly. Something to think about.





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