Spell Crafty

“I get dibs on the scrolls!”

Most of the time, necessity is the dictator of my craft table. My regular group has a priest player character, whose Spiritual Weapon marker on the table was a Bigby’s hand I made last year. I realize that the dilemma of  substitute minis is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things; we somehow made it through the evening with out too much confusion. Even so, I’m not one to shy from a sculpting challenge.

Hammer Time!
As soon as I got home I busted out the sculpting tools. It was an easy decision to settle on a warhammer for Spiritual Weapon since that’s the classic incarnation of it. The narrative called for a triple headed hammer monstrosity, but I’m sure my player will forgive me if I make some thing a bit more generic, and thus re-usable.


I had a pin vice it just so happened that same player bought me a bit ago. I used it to hold onto a pin (of all things) that served a an armature for the hammer part. The medium is ProCreate, a sculpting epoxy that is a standby of mine. It takes a couple of hours before that stuff hardens enough to handle. then I superglued a loop of wire to some plasticard. Then I shaped the wire into a dynamic gesture for the supporting ribbon of spiritual “energy.”  (Gravity: the sculptor’s bane!)



A Spicier Meatball
The Flaming Sphere is really a re-do. I employed some DM Scotty techniques to make it, only I used the poor-man’s medium, wall filler, instead of the expensive modeling paste, which I just don’t have on hand at the moment. You don’t get the drastic points of flame, but you can convey the idea all the same.


Truth be told, I’m not crazy about my paint job. Cherry Cobbler may not have been the best finishing color, though it looked good while wet. I might go back and retouch it with a brighter shade.









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