Quick Quip: Duregar

So here we get a preview from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide at EN World. My first thought is that I didn’t realize that there was much call for duregar PCs. OK, maybe now with the Out of the Abyss storyline set in the underdark I suppose. There always seemed to be a missing analogue to the renegade dark elf with the renegade, uh, dark dwarf, but it must have been deeply repressed in the subconscious. duregar

But hey! If you want to be an OP dwarf with enlarge/reduce and invisibility at 3rd, then game on my friends!  But here’s the deal. The description reads: “They have a typical dwarven appreciation for order, tradition, and impeccable craftsmanship, but their goods are purely utilitarian, disdaining aesthetic or artistic value.”  The above image accompanying this text kinda says something different doesn’t it? For a “purely utilitarian” culture, this guy sure has a lot of bling. Maybe he’s a renegade, ostracized by his peers for his snazy stuff?


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