The First Parcel of Loot: Grandfather Tree!

“…And all I got was this crummy potion and a bag of copper? I shaved my 10 foot pole for THIS!?!”

10891632_794053540664391_336231525757320486_nHey folks! If, somehow, you managed to stumble across this in your internet wanderings, I thank you for pausing a moment for consideration. I figure this might be a suitable supplement to Facebook to catalog my crafting (mis)adventures and other game related stuff. You may have already been privy to some of this “stuff” if you are an associate of mine on said social network, and if so, my hearty apologies for not blazing new trails with this post. If you’re coming over from my other shenanigans site, then welcome!  Hopefully, we’ll wrap up Season One of the Temple of Elemental Evil “actual play” recordings and, rumor has it, produce the next on YouTube?!?! If so, this “random treasure” will likely feature prominently there.

Alright! Let’s get on with it, shall we?

1010597_645043065565440_6420763520519119221_nGoing waaaay back in time to April of last year (2014) I present Mr. Big Tree!
Needs a better name you say? Well, I envisioned Grandfather Tree from the Forgotten Realms D&D setting. He hangs out in the High Forest, swaying with his bros… That is until a rapacious pack of dwarves swarm outta nowhere!


“Eat it, Tree Boy!”

I made this guy the DM Scotty Way, that is with super cheap materials and hot glue….lots of hot glue. I probably should have had the camera ready while I was making this, but that’s the thing with extemporaneous experiments, It’s difficult to remember to document, and then it may not turn out so well. Anyway, the armature for this guy was simply made from glued together wooden dowels and tooth picks. Over this, I liberally applied the hot glue to “bulk up” the figure, covering the joints and filling out things where the wooden dowels were too thin. Then, with a smaller glue gun, I added texture to it, blending into the face which I had glued on just before. The glue is translucent and it was difficult to see what I was doing until it was painted, but I got the bark effect I was shooting for.


I made the face from…believe it or not, Crayola air dry clay. Yeah, if you’re at all familiar with that material, you’re probably shaking your head right now. Let’s just say, it’s not optimal for this kind of stuff. Usually, you can’t squeak out this kind of detail with it, and I’d be hard pressed to do it again, but there it is. Secondly, it’s brittle. At less than a quarter inch thickness, expect it to break. Thirdly, I’ve discovered this “property” of the Crayola air dry, that over time, it tends to crumble.

I put tiny mettle beads in for the eyes. I added plastic leaves and Woodland Scenics clump foliage for canopy and the little bushes on the base. A stone from my driveway made a good accent there too. Also, I used home made sawdust flock for the mossy bits, like on his beard. 485547_644998015569945_2247534753007659404_n
Surprisingly, this figure has held up well. I’ve had it a good year now, and it’s even had a few nose-dives, and it’s still good!  I made the base out of the Crayola stuff, and I notice paint flaking off here and there. I may refashion a new base from Super Sculpey in order to preserve this. The face, thankfully, is yet pristine.


“HOOM! Bring it on! HOOORAROOM!”


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